How to find sponsors for your church newsletter

money treeIf your church is like most, you might have a very small or no budget at all for your church newsletter. But don’t let the printing costs scare you away from this potentially powerful ministry.

In addition to using in-house printing sources (I’m sure your church has at least one person who has a printer at home and is capable of printing), there are other ways to fund your church newsletter. Find a sponsor.

Here are several sources you can try:

Members with businesses

Even if you have a very small church, you should be able to find at least one member who has a business that they would like to advertise. For these members, you could charge $5-$10 for a small business card size ad. The cost is very reasonable and can add up fast. Aim to display about 4-5 ads and you’ve got your printing costs for the month.

Businesses in the surrounding Community

You’d be surprised how many businesses in your church’s community would be willing to help. Many will like the idea of the inexpensive advertising opportunity you could offer them.  You could also offer to leave a few newsletters with them to share with their customers.

Other churches

Other churches are not in competition with your church, many are more than willing to help support your newsletter ministry with ads.  Start with the churches that are closest to yours and then move outward.

These are just a few sources of potential sponsors, but you are only limited by your imagination.  Don’t be afraid to get out there and find funding for your newsletter.

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