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newsI never knew how difficult it could be to locate free quality Christian inspirational quotes, poems, or other fillers for the church newsletter.  When I find a site that I like I soon discover that in order to use the content, I have to pay for some subscription – but I just don’t have that type of budget – actually, there is no budget.  So when I find a site that’s useful it excites me.  Since I’m probably not the only with this issue, I’ve decided to save you some work and share what I’ve found with you.

So here are a few links to good sites that offer content that you can use as a filler for your church newsletter.

  • The Back Pew: Clean Humor & God’s Truth
  • The RevendFun – Religious cartoons (Please view print permissions here:
  • Songs from the Word – Free downloadable newsletter fillers
  • Ezinearticles – I suggest reading the articles thoroughly before using them since the term “spirituality” can cover a lot of things.
  • You may use a blog post from this site as long as you agree include the following information:
  1. Site name (Highly Favored)
  2. The author’s name (Kiesha Easley or various guest posters)
  3. The full website address

Please do not alter the content – if you need to shorten a post to fit, you may do so, but do not add or change words. If you have questions, feel free to contact me – I won’t bite!

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