What Does it Mean to be Highly Favored?

I recently read someone’s response to favor – they weren’t real happy with the idea, because to them it meant that God “plays favorites”. In other words, God unfairly likes some more than others.

While, favor doesn’t really emcompass fairness, I do believe that some people receive more favor in one area while others are favored in another. But all in all, God loves each and everyone of us. He gives us unmerited, unearned favor – despite what we’ve done, despite our imperfections, He still chooses ‘to look kindly upon’ us.

But what exactly is favor?

According to the OED, favor means:

‘to look kindly upon’
‘to be inclined to have a liking or preference for’
‘to approve’
‘to encourage’
‘to treat with partiality’
‘to aid, support’
‘to ease, save, spare’
‘to resemble in face or features; have the look of’

I’m particularly drawn to the third definition, “to approve.” In other words, if you are favored, you are also approved; you are living by the standards He has set for us. Those standards were summed up in the commands to love God with all your heart and love your neighbor as yourself. (Matthew 22:37-40) It doesn’t mean you are perfect, but at least working and striving.

All of the above OED definitions clearly are markers of what it means to be a true Christian. If you have been saved (‘to spare, to ease, to save’), you are Highly Favored. It doesn’t mean one Christian is better or more favored than another. If you are a true Christian, you are Highly Favored.

If you are favored you will also “resemble in face or features” of Jesus. Others should be able to recognize your Christian attributes, or your Christlikeness. The Similtudes (Matthew 5:13-16) provide a good picture of what it means to demonstrate “similar” qualities. Your light should shine so brightly that unbelievers will be inspired to inquire. They’ll know from the way you treat them with continual love and kindness, that there’s something special about you.

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  1. This is a very inspiring and wonderful post. Recently, I am wondering about God’s favor in my life & reading your article gave me insights. I felt that I have been far away from Him for some time now & I need to reconnect with Him in a more intimate level to receive His favor & bountiful blessings.


    Kiesha Reply:

    I encourage you to definitely reconnect – you will not be disappointed. He has never let me down, not even one day of my life. May God bless you and your family abundantly.


  2. I know that I am highly favored but what is it when God takes his hands off us. I sin and have a weakness but it seems like when its good its good but when its bad its bad. I have no one positive to talk to and I have a very tender heart towards everyone.


    Debra Reply:

    There is an old saying that states: “If you are not feeling as close to God as you once did, guess who moved?” Basically you can’t base your relationship with God on feelings – feelings come and go, up and down, happy and sad, etc. Base your relationship on the fact that Jesus loves you so much that He gave His life for you to pay for your sins. It only requires that you accept Him and His grace (God’s unmerited favor). You can’t be good enough to deserve it – all you have to do is accept this Most Wonderful Gift! Praying for you!


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